Immortelle, Cotes du Roussillon, 2015


Immortelle, Cotes du Roussillon, 2015


The 2015 vintage in the Roussillon was an extraordinary one to work, a wake-up call, that whilst sunshine may be guaranteed in the Roussillon consistency is not.   What we learnt with the 2014 vintage was of course useful, but a whole lot of new decisions had to be made this year.

From mid July it was obvious that the fruit was going to come in 'big', weight and structure was never going to be a problem this year, and as we went through August it became a worry that the wine might just be 'too' big. By the time we harvested the fruit was dark, intense and brooding.

Any worry we may have had was quickly forgotten about as soon as we started tasted the wine through ferment.  The wine was intense, dark, rich, but something important was controlling key elements of the wine. The granite soils of Latour de France brought a tight structured freshness to the wine, a bright redness in a world of dark flavours. 'Terroir' had taken over.   

As in 2014, we did everything as traditionally as we possibly could.  Fermented in an open top barrel, long maceration, gentle Pigeage to keep the fermenting cap wet and then pressing through a 50 year old Basket press.  By the time the wine went into barrel we knew we had something very special in this year.  

Varietal Mix :30 % Syrah from Latour de France, 30 % Syrah from Tautavel, 30 % Mourvedre from Chalk and Clay, 10% Carignan/Grenache noir from Tautavel.

Specific Winemaking: Maceration in open 400 or 500 L barrels for 3 to 4 weeks, with daily pigeages (punching the cap down) twice a day up to 1050 density, then once a day up to 1030 density, then maceration under the cap with wetting the cap every day. Then free run juice age separately in one year old French barrels for 16 months.

Alc : 14.5 % vol

AT : 3,20 g/L

RS < 2 g/L.

Tasting note: Deep colour, almost purple on at the core. Complex and intense nose with damson, ripe black forrest fruit, dry plums, black cherries and a smoky overtone. Full attack on the palate with ripe and rounded tannins, fresh and wide balance, boosted by a lingering and unctuous finish.

Total Production: 1680 Bottles

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